The Sumatran Orangutan Society

Brown, Law and Meeten go APE for S.O.S.

If you missed them on Twitter recently, Dave Brown has taken a series of comedy portraits in support of the Sumatran Orang-utan Society’s #APEril campaign. The portraits, which feature Tom Meeten and Tony Law amongst others, are a reminder that orang-utan’s share 96.4% of their DNA with humans, [...]

April 12, 2016 // 0 Comments

Ape-ril Ambassadors

Dave Brown and Tony Law have joined Bill Bailey in the Ape-ril campaign in aid of the Sumatran Orang-utan Society. The trio have firm links with the charity, with Brown & Bailey joining forces for a Monkees duet at their Orangaid event back in 2009, and now they’re aiming to [...]

April 9, 2013 // 4 Comments

Signed Scribblings For Sumatra

The Sumatran Orangutan Society are offering a chance to win a couple of Scribblings… related rarities in their latest charity auction. As part of their latest campaign, The Jungle VIP Auction, the prize lot of a copy of the limited edition run of Scribblings of A Madcap Shambleton signed [...]

March 26, 2012 // 1 Comment