Nicholas Burns

Wannabe coming soon

Filming has started on new BBC Three comedy Wannabe, with Nicholas Burns and Jim Howick among the cast. The four-part series starring and co-written by Lily Brazier (People Just Do Nothing) is set to land on BBC Three next month. Lily Brazier plays Maxine, former member of 90s girl group Variety, [...]

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London Film Festival

The lineup for BFI’s London Film Festival has been announced. This year’s festival runs from 4th to 15th October and there are a few TVO-connected films among the jam-packed programme. Funny Cow In 1970s and 80s Northern England, a woman rises above abusive relationships and crass [...]

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BBC Announces Comedy Pilots

The BBC has announced a whopping 12 new comedy pilots, with casts featuring plenty of TVO favourites. These pilots will air as part of ‘Comedy Playhouse’ on BBC One, ‘New on Two’ on BBC Two and ‘Comedy Slices’ on BBC Three. The Other One, BBC Two A sitcom about [...]

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Look Who’s Back! Doctor Who returns for Series 10

The longest running science-fiction series in history returns next weekend, and you’d have to be living under a rock to not know that Matt Lucas is appearing in ten episodes across the twelve-part series. Series Ten, or if you prefer, Season Thirty-Six, once again stars the inimitable Peter [...]

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Preview: Crackanory Series 4

The latest series of Crackanory is looming and this latest set of episodes features a whole host of TVO regulars. While Episode 1 is available to preview on UKTV Play now, Becca Moody took a sneak peek at the whole of series 4 ahead of broadcast on Dave from January 30th. Here are her [...]

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Carrie Fisher – 1956-2016

The Velvet Onion is sad to report the death of actress Carrie Fisher at the age of 60, and we join the countless millions around the world who will remember her talent for many years to come. Best known for her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the [...]

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Crackanory will be returning for a fourth series in the new year, and we can exclusively reveal a heavy TVO presence. For the uninitiated, the series is an adult spin on storytime, with big name stars narrating tales which are brought to life by leading comic actors, and written by leading comedy [...]

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Preview: Marley’s Ghosts Series 2

It’s October, so there are naturally ghosts and ghouls everywhere. But on 19th October, three very special spooks return – as Marley’s Ghosts begins its second series on Gold. Sarah Alexander returns as Marley – a magistrate haunted by her husband, her lover, and a local [...]

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More Marley’s Ghosts

Marley’s Ghosts – the critically acclaimed sitcom about a woman haunted by three ghosts – is to return for a second series. Made by UKTV and broadcast on Gold last year, the show stars Sarah Alexander (Undercover, Smack the Pony) as Marley – who discovers she can talk to [...]

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So Hot Right Now: On TV This Week

Here’s what’s coming up over the next 7 days. Crackanory Thursday, 10:00pm, Dave The adult storytime fun returns for a third series all week, with stories read by Richard Ayoade, Morgana Robinson and lots of other big name stars. Story writers include Tony Way, Kevin Eldon, Alex [...]

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Crackanory week approaches!

Monday 7th December sees the launch of Crackanory series three, and as we told you recently, there’s an episode every day until Saturday! And here, at last, are the juicy details. To celebrate the show’s return, the good folk at UKTV have provided us with some sneaky peek treats and [...]

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Marley’s Ghosts

Nicholas Burns joins John Hannah, Jo Joyner and Sarah Alexander in a new comedy commission for UKTV’s Gold channel. Marley’s Ghosts features Sarah Alexander (Undercover) as Marley: a woman with a rare gift that comes with mixed blessings: she can talk to the dead. The titular ghosts [...]

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Channel 4 to host Alternative Election Night

As the general election campaigns shift up a notch, all eyes are on Thursday, 7th May, when the United Kingdom chooses a government, old or (hopefully) new. Usually, this has nothing to do with humble alternative comedy websites like us, but this year, Channel 4 is following its tradition of their [...]

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The Vote At The Donmar

As you probably know, if you live in the UK, there is a General Election happening in May, and The Donmar Warehouse is celebrating this event with “A national television event and a first for theatre and television“. A lot to live up to you might think, but The Vote is certainly on [...]

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So Hot Right Now #20

Welcome to The Velvet Onion – the central hub for an interconnected range of alternative comedy and more. Click through for the LATEST NEWS, and see what’s so hot right now take a look below. MOONE BOY RETURNS This week sees the long awaited return of Moone Boy to Sky 1 HD, once again [...]

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So Hot Right Now #18

Welcome to The Velvet Onion – the central hub for an interconnected range of alternative comedy and more. Click through for the LATEST NEWS, and see what’s so hot right now take a look below. COME ON IN… Monday evening puts out the Welcome mat for the long awaited second series of House [...]

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Preview: ‘Uncle’ Series Two

This week sees the launch of Series Two of Uncle: BBC Three’s comedy drama featuring Nick Helm as an out of work musician with a 13 year old nephew. Strictly speaking, it’s not a fully Velvet Onion-flavoured TV show, but with TVO regulars Daniel Lawrence Taylor and Nicholas [...]

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So Hot Right Now #17

Welcome to The Velvet Onion – the central hub for an interconnected range of alternative comedy and more.  Click through for the LATEST NEWS, and see what’s so hot right now below. YOU SAY GOODBYE… This week sees the Comedic Guard of 2015 begin to change for the first time, as [...]

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Burns In Breeders

Nicholas Burns is starring in a new play called Breeders at St James’ Theatre in London. The comedy, by Ben Ockrent and directed by Tamara Harvey, offers a fresh take on family, tradition and procreation. It follows the story of Andrea and her wife Caroline, who long to have a baby. Amidst [...]

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One Last Cornetto

The critically acclaimed box office smash The World’s End finally opens in US cinemas this week, and whilst we’d be recommending it to you regardless, the inclusion of a few TVO regulars sweetens the deal somewhat. The film, directed by Edgar Wright and starring Simon Pegg & Nick [...]

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