Let’s Dance

Strictly Come Branding

Tonight’s red button extra instalment of immensely popular hit Strictly Come Dancing will feature a familiar face from Onion land in the form of Katy Brand. The comic actress and author will join former Strictly champion and professional dancer Karen Hardy to commentate live on the [...]

October 20, 2012 // 1 Comment

The Impact Of Kate Boosh

It seems that Queen Babushka herself was pretty impressed with Noel Fielding’s homage to her Wuthering Heights classic on Lets Dance for Comic Relief – as Fielding is to star in Kate Bush’s short film which will accompany the re-release of her single, ‘Deeper [...]

April 4, 2011 // 5 Comments

Barratt’s Comedy Cheese!

It seems Julian Barratt’s contribution to Comic Relief was not confined to sweeping Noel Fielding up in his arms on Let’s Dance… For Comic Relief! He could be heard (but sadly not seen) on yesterdays Comic Relief show, talking to Alan Partridge. If you missed it you can catch it [...]

March 19, 2011 // 1 Comment

Win Noel’s Dress (And More!)

In the afterglow of Let’s Dance…For Comic Relief, Noel Fielding‘s red Kate Bush dress must surely feature in the list of ‘most covetable Boosh memorabilia.  The dress that clothed a cartwheel, the dress that was watched by millions…nay, the dress that was swept into [...]

March 17, 2011 // 9 Comments

Babooshka Shocker!

Noel Fielding‘s sensational repeat performance of Wuthering Heights on Let’s Dance For Comic Relief failed to win the competition, despite the help of his very own Heathcliffe… Mr Julian Barratt! Noel’s appearance was pre-empted by a new short film in which his backing [...]

March 12, 2011 // 32 Comments

This Woman’s Work: The Career Of Kate Bush

Noel Fielding’s recent performance of Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ on Let’s Dance…For Comic Relief has sparked interest in the singer from a new generation of Boosh fans.  Tonight Noel will once again be donning his Kate wig and red dress for the grand final, [...]

March 12, 2011 // 4 Comments

How To Let’s Dance: A Professional Perspective!

All of us at TVO Towers we were hugely impressed with Noel Fielding’s winsome performance of ‘Wuthering Heights’ on Saturday’s Let’s Dance…for Comic Relief. But what would a more discerning viewer make of it?  We asked Maggie Clunie, who’s been teaching [...]

March 3, 2011 // 3 Comments

Behind The Bush: Let’s Dance Live!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ll have seen at least some of this week’s Let’s Dance…for Comic Relief, which saw Noel Fielding channeling Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights.  If you’ve  wondered what goes on during the recording of the show, wonder no [...]

February 28, 2011 // 11 Comments

Wuthering Chart Heights!

Boosh fandom has gone into meltdown a little over last night’s sensational performance from Noel Fielding on Let’s Dance… for Comic Relief. We at TVO are going to be getting behind Noel’s chances of winning the competition with a series of posts across the next two weeks [...]

February 27, 2011 // 15 Comments

The Mighty Bush!

Noel Fielding is through to the final of Let’s Dance… for Comic Relief after a barnstorming performance as Kate Bush. Noel’s version of the classic Wuthering Heights was up against some seriously tough competition from the likes of Lulu, Penny Smith, Andi Osho and Jarrad [...]

February 26, 2011 // 17 Comments

Let’s Dance Coming Soon!

The BBC Press Office has confirmed that Noel Fielding‘s charity danceathon appearance on Let’s Dance For… Comic Relief will begin on Saturday 19th February. The series, which is presented by Alex Jones and Steve Jones (no relation) on BBC One, will feature a star-studded lineup [...]

February 7, 2011 // 6 Comments

Put On Your Red Shoes…

Noel Fielding is slated to appear as a contestant in Comic Relief’s Let’s Dance gameshow! The announcement of Noel’s involvement was made via an advert on BBC1 following an edition of topical program The One Show. Digital Spy were quick to follow up the advert with their exclusive [...]

January 25, 2011 // 4 Comments