The Interrogation with Pemberton

Steve Pemberton will star in new factual drama The Interrogation on Channel 4.

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The Interrogation will focus on the case of Tony Martin, played by Steve Pemberton, who was sentenced to life after shooting dead 16 year old burglar Fred Barras in 1999.

The one-off hour-long programme will offer up an account of the three days of police questioning following Martin’s arrest for shooting two burglars who broke into his farmhouse in 1999. At his trial, he argued he had used reasonable force to defend himself and his property. His conviction provoked public outcry and the case became a national cause celebre.

Martin successfully appealed against his conviction. As a result it was reduced to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and he was released from prison after serving three years.

Alongside Pemberton, the cast will include Daniel Mays and Stuart Graham. The drama is written and directed by David Nath (The Murder Detectives, The Watchman).

Executive Producer Peter Beard said: “This is the missing part of an extraordinary story that captivated and divided the country. Finally we will hear exactly what Tony Martin told detectives in the confines of a police interview room just hours after he was arrested. For the first time it’s his own account in his words.”

Steve Pemberton added: “This is a fascinating story which divided public opinion at the time – and is currently even more poignant. Now we finally get to hear the account directly from Tony Martin, I’m looking forward to being part of such a ground breaking drama.”


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