Katy Brand writes 3Women

Katy Brand has written her first play, 3Women, which will soon be at Trafalgar Studios.


© Karla Gowlett

The play will star Anita Dobson, along with Debbie Chazen, Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Oliver Greenall.

3Women is a comedy drama set in a hotel room, where a family is reunited for one evening. It follows three generations of women, examining how feminism and women’s rights are and have been perceived.

Katy Brand says: “These movements are not so straightforward as the media would sometimes have us believe but wrapped up in the chaotic and all-too-human lived experiences of real women, from the Suffragettes to those who currently campaign for trans-gender rights. We are all simply trying our best to be ‘modern women’ (whatever that means), making mistakes, and blundering on as best we can!”


3Women will run at Trafalgar Studios from 18th May to 9th June, with previews from 15th May.

Buy tickets over here.

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