Immerse Yourself In New Whelan Short

Gemma Whelan features in a new short film, Keyed Alike, which can is available to be viewed as a 360 VR experience.

© Hearld Scotland

The action takes place by London riverside railings which are covered in love locks. Two young women meet by chance on the pathway by the river – Coley (Whelan) and Eve (played by Natacha Karam). Eve is desperate to find a way to remove her love lock and move on; Coley is stuck in the past, unwilling to let go.

You can view the seven minute film here, and if you possess the prerequisite paraphernalia (phone, headset) you can enjoy the full VR 360 immersive experience by downloading the Jaunt VR app on the same page. Clever stuff.

Just don’t do what I did, and try to watch it in VR mode without the headset – dizzy-making stuff.


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