Oram in Lobsters

Steve Oram stars in short film Lobsters which is available to view online now.

@ Matt Huntley

Lobsters is written and directed by Matt Huntley, whose previous work includes 2008 short Trimming the Fat starring Mat Horne alongside TVO regulars Tony WayBen Willbond and Stephen Evans, and 2013 short Straw Donkey which featured Inbetweeners star Joe Thomas alongside Tony Way and fellow TVO-ers Barunka O’Shaughnessy and Laura Patch.

The film tells the story of Mark and his holiday park soul-mate Tanya (Sarah Jane Adventures star Juliet Cowan). Also featuring Terry Mynott (Aaaaaaaah!Toast of LondonMurder in Successville), Lobsters justaposes visual storytelling with a revealing voice-over, as the couple’s seemingly happy lives unravel into chaos by the unwanted intrusion of a third person.

Short, sweet, and just a little bit twisted, this is vintage Oniony goodness which it’s hard not to love. You can watch the film yourself below, and for more info – including an interview with Matt on the making of the film – visit Little Black Book.

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