District Repair Depot

© Justina Sullivan

TVO regular Stephen Evans and his long-term collaborator Robert Halcrow have announced the release of a music album under the name of District Repair Depot.

Evans is best known to our regulars for his appearances in CampingHyperdriveThe Day They Came to Suck Out Our Brains!The Baron, CurtainsLizzie and Sarah and many more great slices of Oniony comedy, including his work with Richard Glover, Julian Barratt (including music for Mindhorn) and as part of Dutch Elm Conservatoire.

He’s been making music with Halcrow – himself an accomplished musician for projects such as the band Picturebox – for many years, even donating a song to TVO’s 2013 digital EP In Holoserica Sepa. Now the duo have collated 11 songs about travel, escape, childhood and libraries, and the result is an indie-pop haze of great melodies, shared vocals and smart lyrics.

There are natural shades of their biggest influences on show, such as Paul McCartney, The Kinks, Bonzo Dog Band and Ivor Cutler, as well as shades of children’s TV, lo-fi, psychadelia and 90s indie guitar heroes. This makes the record a natural must-buy for anyone who’s previously enjoyed Matt Berry’s more Summery efforts, or friends of TVO The Duckworth Lewis Method, and these are fun melodies that will invade your subconscious before you know it.

You can listen to the record yourself below, and if you like what you here, then the album is currently for sale via Bandcamp on multiple digital formats, as well as a good ol’fashioned CD (with those download options for good measure). The digital download is instant, and CDs will be shipping in early March. And if Bandcamp isn’t your cup of tea, you can also pre-order the digital album from both Amazon and iTunes now. Get in.

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