Josie & Jonny Are Having A Baby (With You)

Josie Long and Jonny Donahoe are putting on a show, for one night only, to learn all about parenting before they have a baby.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 16.36.26

Comedians Josie and Jonny are expecting their first child. Except they weren’t expecting to have a child now, and they are totally clueless. If you’ve not had children and have no idea what it will be like, Josie and Jonny invite you to come and find out with them.

With a special guest (to be announced soon) who’s already a comedian and a parent,  Josie Long and Jonny Donahoe Are Having A Baby (With You) will be at the Underbelly Festival in London on 25th April at 9.15pm.

Buy tickets over here.

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