Mister Biscuits

William Andrews, David Elms and Cariad Lloyd are the stars of a recently released – and rather fun – short film, which you can download for free now.

© Tom Levinge

Anyone who has owned a pet in their lives has, at some point, had a discussion about how great it would be if their pet could talk. With Mister Biscuitswe see for ourselves that things might not be as good as you’d think.

The short sees Andrews (BroadchurchAnna & Katy, Pixelface) as the recently heartbroken John, who offers to look after his friend’s pet while she goes on holiday.

Alongside stand-up comedian and actor David Elms (Borderline) is a delight as the eponymous Mister Biscuits, whilst TVO regular Cariad Lloyd pops up at the beginning and end of the piece as Andrea.

Also featuring Shamus Maxwell, the short is the brainchild of writer/director Tom Levinge alongside co-writer Jez Shcarf and the cast, and is available to download now via Vimeo. Alternatively, you watch also watch it below.

Levinge is no stranger to our site – having previously directed Phil Whelans in Channel 4 short The Rich Boy (which you can also download over yonder), Rachel Stubbings in Bad Dates and the definitely not-safe-for-work Late Night Gimp Fight classic Bestiality. Judging by the strength of Mister Biscuits, which to us feels like a spiritual successor to the legendary Jackal Films, something tells us we’ll be hearing from him again soon…

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