Wannabe coming soon

Filming has started on new BBC Three comedy Wannabe, with Nicholas Burns and Jim Howick among the cast.


© BBC Three

The four-part series starring and co-written by Lily Brazier (People Just Do Nothing) is set to land on BBC Three next month.

Lily Brazier plays Maxine, former member of 90s girl group Variety, who has never let go of her dream of being a star. Now trying and failing to manage teen pop group Sweet Gyal, she finds herself in crisis when – fed up of her trying to live vicariously through them and her embarrassing attempts to get them a record deal – Sweet Gyal threaten to drop her.

But Maxine comes up with a plan. A comeback. This time bigger, bolder and, well… older. She decides that what the world is really missing is ‘Mum Pop’ and embarks on a mission to track down her ex-bandmates and relaunch her life in the limelight.

The cast of Wannabe includes Jim Howick (Stag, Yonderland) and Nicolas Burns (Nathan Barley, Marley’s Ghosts) as well as Amy Booth-Steel and Alexis Strum.


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