Lowe & Meeten are Hellbound

Tom Meeten and Alice Lowe will be joining Doctor Who star Neve McIntosh in an audio production of Clive Barker’s legendary novella The Hellbound Heart.

© Bafflegab

Now infamous as the story which became horror movie franchise Hellraiser, Barker’s short tale was written in 1986, and tells of the Lemarchand Configuration: a puzzle box that is said to be a portal to an extradimensional realm of unfathomable carnal pleasure.

Produced by Bafflegab – who have previously been responsible for TVO related productions of The Blood on Satan’s ClawThe Gnomes of Death and Baker’s End, the audio adaptation will see Meeten take on the dual roles of the villainous Frank and his brother Rory, while Lowe will portray the protagonist Kirsty and McIntosh will be Rory’s wife, Julia.

Adapted by Paul Kane and with the approval of Clive Barker, The Hellbound Heart will be released in early 2018. Keep your eyes on Bafflegab’s website for more info.

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