New radio comedy Angstrom, starring Matt Holness, begins Wednesday 10th January on BBC Radio 4.



A spoof of Scandi-noir crime dramas, Angstrom stars Matt Holness as Knut Angstrom – a brooding, alcoholic, maverick Swedish detective from the tough streets of Oslo.

Following the death of his wife, Angstrom is posted to the Njalsland peninsula where he becomes embroiled in a labyrinthine murder (or possibly not-murder) case which bears an eerie similarity to the Askeladden killings – a case from his distant past.

In episode 1, ‘The Man Who Wasn’t Dead’, a body goes missing from a crime scene. But was it ever even there in the first place?

As well as Matt Holness, the cast of Angstrom includes TVO favourites Kevin Eldon and Morgana Robinson, plus Nadia Kamil, Simon Kane, David Reed and Freya Parker. The four-part series has been written by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, who have previously written for Murder In Successville and Cunk on Shakespeare among others.

Angstrom starts Wednesday 10th January at 6.30pm on BBC Radio 4.

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