IT Crowd American-Style (Again).

NBC is having another go at adapting The IT Crowd for American audiences.

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This marks their third attempt to create a US version of the show, although it will be the first time that the UK series creator, Graham Linehan, will be involved in writing it.

In 2007, the network produced a pilot which featured an America cast pared with Richard Ayoade reprising his role as Moss. NBC then planned a new version of The IT Crowd in 2014 that ultimately did not move forward.

Linehan confirmed the news on Twitter, responding to the report with: “Oh, yeah. Working on it. Don’t expect the same kind of show and EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY.”

Attempts to recreate the show outside of the UK  haven’t fared well generally. In 2008 a German adaptation of the show called The iTeam: The Boys at the Mouse was cancelled after two episodes. Let’s hope it’s third time lucky for America!

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