Comedy Blap from Rufus Jones

Channel 4 has released four new Comedy Blaps, including one written by and starring Rufus Jones.


© Jim Field Smith

Home is a new comedy written by Rufus Jones (HunderbyW1ACamping), directed by Jim Field Smith (StagThe Wrong MansEpisodes) and produced by Adam Tandy (Inside No. 9DetectoristsThe Thick of It). That’s quite a team!

When new couple Peter (Rufus Jones) and Katy (Rebekah Staton, Raised by Wolves) – plus Katy’s son John (Oaklee Pendergast from Inside No. 9‘s The Devil of Christmas) – go on their first family holiday to France, the plan is to bring back a tan, a few happy memories and six crates of vintage champagne. What they actually bring back is going to come as a big surprise…

You can watch Home here:

The other three new comedy blaps are…


Dr Maggie Wentworth (Felicity Ward) is a 30 year old dentist, and is just trying to keep her shit together… figuratively and literally. Her job is on the rocks, her mum is in a care home with dementia, and her irritable bowel syndrome is playing up at work. Enter her anxiety, Beryl (Morgana Robinson): She’s the voice in your head that keeps you up at night. That thinks you have cancer. That remembers the way Karen looked at you funny after you said you didn’t like Shawshank Redemption. Her name is Beryl and she’s coming for you. Anxiety can be cruel but very, very funny.

Furious Andrew

An explosive odyssey of betrayal, revenge, and nappy rash. When special ops luminary Andy Stone (Rhys Darby) stumbles on a government-level conspiracy, his wife vanishes (presumed exploded) and Stone is left holding the baby. Exiled from the only life he has ever known, the fugitive father sets off with his 18 month old daughter and their newly home-weaponised buggy in search of justice. Set in a heightened dystopian parallel universe 5 minutes from now Furious Andrew mixes 70’s Samurai exploitation movies, buddy comedies, and 80s action romps, grounded in a (mostly) recognisable contemporary British backdrop.


Lisa (Lisa Hammond) and Rachael (Rachael Spence) are friends. Ordinary friends. There’s the odd bit of fraud, thieving, blagging and their somewhat unusual moral outlook but things jog along. Until, that is, Lisa begins to question her sex-friend relationship with a man who likes to treat her like a child, Rachael loses her criminal mojo, and they both wonder if their lives are about to change forever.


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