Comedy shorts for Winter

Turtle Canyon has released a selection of Winter comedy shorts featuring comedians including Lou Sanders and Luke Kempner.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 10.25.46

Lou Sanders appears in The Ghost Police, in which a ghost detective takes comedians to haunted caves and hotels, while Luke Kempner is in Murder Town, a spoof detective drama where all of the characters have weirdly specific traits. Other shorts include The Dates, about dating as someone who is bisexual, and Just Puddings, which features stand-up comedian James Acaster tasting desserts and describing them to fellow stand-up Ed Gamble who is Type 1 diabetic.

Here’s the full list…

Just Puddings – Ed Gamble, James Acaster
The Reaction Crew (7 episodes) – Ian Smith, Lucy Pearman, Sunil Patel, Harriet Kemsley
The Ghost Police (2 episodes) – Eleanor Morton, Michael Legge, Lou Sanders
The Dates – Eliot J. Fallows, Sophie Duker, Joe Sutherland, Jacob Hawley
PanettoneGate – Annie McGrath, Alice Orr-Ewing, Phil Ellis, Jack Barry
Murder Town – Luke Kempner, Suzi Ruffell, Jessica Fostekew, Evelyn Mok, Ross Smith
Spent The Night In… – Daniel Cook, Rose Johnson

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