More Big Night Out for Vic & Bob

Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out is returning for a BBC Two special on Friday 29th December and it has now been announced that a four-part series on BBC Four will follow in 2018.


© BBC/Sophie Mutevelian

The series will mark their 25th anniversary at the BBC which began with The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer, paving the way for Shooting Stars, Bang Bang, CatterickHouse of Fools and more.

Bob Mortimer said: “We are so chuffed and exited to be given the chance to re-invent the Big Night Out so long after it all began. We shall make it as joyous and surprising as it was all those years ago.”

Vic Reeves added: “It’s playtime again. All these years on and we can still both do the splits. We can not be stopped.”

Shane Allen, Controller Comedy Commissioning, commented: “Vic & Bob have created so many terrific characters and inspired ideas over the years. The Christmas special sees them at the top of their game and this following series promises more daft, infectious and unique comedy madness from the daddies of the absurdly brilliant.”

Vic and Bob’s Big Night Out airs Friday 29th December on BBC Two. More details about the four-part BBC Four series will be revealed in due course.

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