Colin Hoult takes Anna Mann on tour

Colin Hoult is taking his hit 2017 Edinburgh show Anna Mann in How We Stop the Fascists on a UK tour in 2018.


Many moons ago, Anna starred alongside her late husband John ‘Smellsy’ Smells in a powerful and necessary play, No More War… Please. Satisfied that Liberal society was safe, Anna went on a 30 year jolly, hosting a string of cheese and sex parties and working her way through several marriages. Cut to 2017 and Anna has experienced a political reawakening. She is shocked and furious about the rise of fascist behaviour around the world and plans to single handedly put a stop to it and spank all their bottoms. For who better equipped to take on fascism than an actress with over 30 years’ experience of the stage and screen?

Having trawled the country for the stories of real people, Anna presents spectacular verbatim theatre featuring anti-PC-brigade wannabe politician Nick Crippin, the voice of experience in pensioner Marjory Crookes, passive aggressive lefty ‘Momentum’ member Cheryl Glass and ex-squaddie come film-maker, Nottingham’s very own Andy Parker.

The show’s producers say: “”As with his 2016 show, Colin Hoult is taking the chance to talk about something that appalls and saddens him in the best way he knows how, as an ageing actress and her friends. Like many people, he worries about what lies ahead for his young family but doesn’t quite have the balls to do anything about it. Thankfully, Anna has enough balls for both of them and offers hilarious insights as well as some hope for the future.”

Here’s where you can see the show next year:

Leicester Comedy Festival (Firebug): 11th February

Brighton (Komedia): 15th February

Richmond (Orange Tree Theatre): 18th February

Bath Comedy Festival (Ring O Bells): 12th April

Cambridge (The Junction): 15th April

Swansea (Cinema & Co): 3rd May

Machynlleth Comedy Festival: 4th May

York (The Basement): 19th May

Glasgow (The Stand): 20th May

Wells Comedy Festival: 27th May

And here’s a recent video of Colin performing as Anna Mann on The Russell Howard Hour:

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