Entire Universe Stretches Across The Atlantic

Ex-Python Eric Idle’s 2016’s TV spectacular, The Entire Universe, which featured Noel Fielding in its cast, will be airing on PBS in the US on 22nd December.

© BBC/Guy Levy

The one hour show features British physicist Brian Cox doing his best to explain the secrets of the universe, in spite of a volley of interruptions from special guests Warwick Davis, Robin Ince, Hannah Waddingham, and of course – Noel.

When it aired in the UK we described it as having, “all the ingredients of classic early primetime Christmas entertainment shows from the 1970s: high-kicking musical numbers, daft jokes, guest stars in unexpected situations, and a side helping of gentle sauciness – underpinned with a healthy dollop of the unexplained/inexplicable, brought up to date with scientific interjections from the Prof.” You can read our review in full here.

The Entire Universe will be premiering on Friday, December 22, 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET (check local listings for details.)

© BBC/Guy Levy

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