Murder on the Blackpool Express

Murder on the Blackpool Express is set to air Saturday November 11th on Gold.


Murder on the Blackpool Express follows Terry, a coach driver who’s stuck in a rut and has an unrequited crush on tour organiser, Gemma. When an OAP dies under suspicious circumstances, Terry suspects that something sinister is afoot and feels compelled to solve the mystery, save Gemma’s business and hopefully win her love in the process.

The one-off special has a huge comedy cast including Johnny Vegas, Griff Rhys Jones, Mark Heap and TVO favourite Kevin Eldon.

Here are some character bios:

Terry (Johnny Vegas) is an aimless, bored coach driver, spending his days ferrying around dull passengers on even duller literary tours around the North of England.

Gemma (Sian Gibson) is the bubbly owner/operator of Draper’s literary tours. Her business is her life and she takes great pride in offering great service even though it is aboard her dusty old coach.

David (Griff Rhys Jones) is the flamboyant, pretentious, self-obsessed author of the books that the tour is centred around.

Graham (Mark Heap) is a lone figure on the coach. Gruff and uncommunicative, he seems to be furious that he even has to tolerate the rag-tag collection of misfits he has ended up on this coach with.

Moira (Nina Wadia) is a battle-axe of an old woman. She has no friends and her only companion is her dutiful carer Laura, who she treats with utter disdain, regularly doling out verbal warnings for Laura’s minor mistakes.

Laura (Kimberley Nixon) is the poor, put-upon carer to wheelchair bound Moira.

Doc (Nigel Havers) is a suave, debonair presence on the tour. The rest of the passengers are very impressed they have an actual Doctor on the coach.

Kevin (Kevin Eldon) is Doc’s brother. And Doc is all he has to cling on to as Kevin has lost his memory. Doc tells him he had a bump on the head, but it could be anything really.

Grace (Katy Cavanagh) and her husband George are better than most people. Or so Grace believes.

George (Matthew Cottle) just does what wife Grace tells him and has found this is the easiest way to get through life.

Marge (Susie Blake) is 70 years old and leader of her friendship group, comprising of Mildred and Peggy.

Mildred (Sheila Reid) is 80 but in many ways still a child. She is a twinkle-eyed member of the group with Peggy and Marge who both seem to have to mother her.

Peggy (Una Stubbs) is amazed by the world around her. But she sees her job as protecting Mildred and making sure they have the best time possible on the tour.

Ben (Javone Prince) is Gemma’s ex-boyfriend, although he has a problem accepting that. He won’t leave her alone, so much so that a judge has had to tell him to do so with a court order.

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