Void & Form

Alice Lowe‘s latest directorial project – a collaboration with her Prevenge cohorts Toydrum and Kate Dickie – is available now.

© Alice Lowe / Skint Records

We first told you about the video back in June when we interviewed Lowe about her feature length directorial debut, Prevenge, which was scored by the electronic duo.

Accompanying the Trentemøller Remix of Toydrum’s track Void & Form, the video sees Prevenge actress Kate Dickie trapped in a prism, haunted by discomforting imagery from which there is no escape.

Shot with cinematographer and fellow Prevenge collaborator Ryan Eddleston, the brooding electronica of the track is given pitch perfect visuals (including some rather clever shifting of aspect ratios at just the right moments) to match it’s complex breakbeats and entrancing combination of the soothing and the unnerving.

Most impressively, the video contains no computer effects at all. Shot on a tiny kaleidoscopic set measuring 4ft by 8ft, the beautiful visuals were created via ink, water, milk, food colouring and other such liquids. The effect is mesmerising and further proof, if any were needed, of Lowe’s incredible mind at work. You can watch it for yourself below.

My Eye on You, is available now as a deluxe vinyl boxset over yonder. If you’d prefer to buy it digitally, you can pick it up for only £7.99 now. And, of course, their Prevenge soundtrack is still available on vinyl, CD and digital.

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