Comic actors including Mark Gatiss, Kevin Eldon, David Bamber and Richard Glover appear in BBC One’s Gunpowder.


The new three-part historical drama follows Robert Catesby, the man who masterminded the 1605 ‘gunpowder plot’ to blow up Parliament and kill reigning British monarch King James I. Catesby is played by Kit Harington, while Liv Tyler plays Catesby’s cousin Ann Vaux who gets tangled up in the plot. Guy Fawkes has a relatively minor role in the series and is played by Tom Cullen.

Mark Gatiss takes on the role of royal spy Robert Cecil, while Kevin Eldon, David Bamber and Richard Glover are also among the cast.

Part 1 of Gunpowder airs tonight (Saturday October 21st) at 9.10pm on BBC One.

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