Tucker vs Partridge: Iannucci revives two legendary creations for The Big Issue

© The Big Issue

Armando Iannucci is giving you all a second great reason to buy The Big Issue this week (as well as the usual reason that it’s for an excellent cause), by reviving both Alan Partridge and Malcolm Tucker as part of his guest editor stint.

Armando, currently on the promotional trail for his new film The Death of Stalin (featuring Steve Buscemi, Jason Isaacs, Michael Palin, Paul Whitehouse and TVO’s Justin Edwards, amongst others), has explained to the magazine – which is sold to raise money for victims of poverty, usually directly by those victims – what his motivations are behind the theme of the issue.

“I wanted to devote this week’s Big Issue to urging everyone to tear down barriers and prejudices,” he explained, “and engage with people and ideas coming from a point of view different to their own. But then that felt too hopelessly ambition at a time when we just need laughs, so I’ve asked people to be funny as well.”

Alongside Iannucci, contributors include British stand-up turned HBO political satirist John Oliver, comedy writer Ian Martin (who previously wrote for VeepThe Thick of It and Time Trumpet), plus comedians Stewart Lee and Susan Calman.

But the big focus is on the revival of The Thick of It‘s spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker – brilliantly brought to life on screen by Peter Capaldi – in an attempt to discuss Brexit to death with one of its key players: Norwich broadcaster Alan Partridge.

The latter is currently set for a return to television, with Steve Coogan back in chinos for more cringeworthy classic comedy next year. While we wait, and at a time when the world needs Malcolm Tucker more than ever, Armando’s edition of The Big Issue will be on sale from Monday 16th October priced £2.50.

On the off chance you can’t find a Big Issue seller nearby (and really, we’re pretty sure you can), you can buy a copy on their website now, alongside a range of commemorative merchandise. And if that’s still not enough, you can see Armando discussing his prep for the issue below.

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