Halloween on Film4

This Halloween, several TVO-linked films will have their television premieres on Film4. 

A Dark Song – Wednesday 25th

Dark Song

Steve Oram stars in this Irish horror film about a damaged occultist and a grieving, determined young woman. The plot follows a black magic ritual that the pair risk their lives and souls to perform over the course of six months, hoping that it will grant them what they want.

Here’s a video of Steve introducing the film for Monster Fest 2016.

Tank 432 – Thursday 26th

Tank 432

Described as “a heady blend of Dog Soldiers and Jacob’s Ladder”, this film features Michael Smiley and Tom Meeten among its cast. It follows a group of soldiers on the run, whose only chance of survival is to hide inside an abandoned tank. Once holed up inside the tank however, they discover the hatch is jammed and there is no way out.

Watch the Tank 432 trailer here.

Aaaaaaaah! – Saturday 28th


Steve Oram‘s Aaaaaaaah! has a jam-packed cast of TVO regulars including Tom Meeten, Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding, Alice Lowe, Sean Reynard, Waen Shepherd and Tony Way, along with Toyah Wilcox and Julian Rhind-Tutt. The truly demented film takes audiences on a dark, depraved journey into a world that isn’t too dissimilar from our own… apart from the fact that everyone communicates and behaves like apes.

Read our review of Aaaaaaaah! here.

The Ghoul – Monday 30th

The Ghoul

Gareth Tunley’s The Ghoul is a psychological thriller about a troubled detective, who goes undercover as a psychotherapy patient in an attempt to solve an unusual double murder case. The unsettling film stars Tom Meeten with a supporting cast including Alice Lowe, Dan Skinner, Rufus Jones, Paul Kaye, Rachel Stubbings, Sean Reynard and Geoff McGivern. It also has a score by Waen Shepherd.

Read our review of The Ghoul here.

Prevenge – Tuesday 31st


Alice Lowe‘s Prevenge follows a pregnant woman as she seeks revenge for the death of her partner, driven by the ‘voice’ of her unborn baby. Alice wrote, directed and starred in the film while she was really pregnant and its stellar cast also includes TVO regulars Dan SkinnerTom DavisGemma WhelanKayvan NovakMike Wozniak and Tom Meeten.

Read our review of Prevenge here.

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