Tony Way joins new Gervais show

Tony Way is among the cast of a new comedy drama from Ricky Gervais.


© Channel 4

The show has no definite title so far, but we know that it’s being made for Netflix and is about a suicidal middle-aged man.

Gervais is going to play the lead role and also among the cast are TVO regular Tony Way and Tom Basden (Quacks).

Ricky Gervais has said it’s about “a guy whose wife has died and he is in the depths of depression and he nearly kills himself” but “the reason he doesn’t is that the dog is hungry, so that saves him for a while.”

Tony Way has worked with Gervais before, with appearances in Extras and Life’s Too ShortSee our full list of TVO links to Ricky Gervais over here.



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