Familiar faces in The Russell Howard Hour

After some time away from our screens, Russell Howard is back with a brand new series on Sky One – and a few familiar faces have already appeared in the show.

©Sky UK ltd

First things first: we’ll admit it – we can’t catch everything. And fortunately, we live in an age where television is available on demand whenever we want it, and that means that we initially missed the start of The Russell Howard Hour – which sees the former BBC regular revamp his hugely successful Good News format for a new broadcaster, with added focus on special guests.

As part of this, Russell – who has regularly used his televised work as a platform for other comedians to gain valuable exposure – has, two episodes in, already featured Lou Sanders and Adam Kay amongst his guests.

Sanders appeared in the first episode two weeks ago, as a roving reporter talking to the people of Corby – a town voted the most unhappy in the UK. Impressed with the local waterslide, but not so sure about their suggestions for a winning slogan, it’s a fun little piece which we’re hoping returns in later episodes, and suits Lou’s energetic style perfectly.

© Sky UK Ltd

Kay on the other hand, was the special guest on Week Two, discussing the reasons why he’s published the bestselling book This is Going to Hurt about his experiences as an NHS Doctor. Interviewed by Howard, Adam quite rightly got to perfectly illustrate a point both men agreed on: that Jeremy Hunt needs to read the book and stop bad-mouthing hard working medical professionals.

If, like us, you missed these shows on initial tx, you can catch up now via Sky’s On Demand service, or Now TV, where you’ll also find a cavalcade of great British comedy.

This week’s episode airs tonight (Wednesday 5th October) at 10pm, and will also be available on demand later. Man Down star Greg Davies will appear, and we’ve no doubt more great names will be featuring on later instalments, so keep tuning in.

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