This is Going to Spin-Off: New book and TV series for Adam Kay

Following the runaway success of Adam Kay‘s medical memoir This is Going to Hurt, the former Doctor turned comedian is to write a second book drawing on his experiences in the NHS.

© Charlie Clift for The Sunday Times

Provisionally titled 100 Patients Who Changed My Life, the book will feature further secrets from Kay’s past, wrapped up as a memoir of 100 patients who changed his life: from the first cadaver at medical school to the emergencies that have arisen long after he hung up his stethoscope.

The news comes just after the TV rights to This is Going to Hurt were sold to Sister Pictures in a 12-way auction, and as the book currently enjoys a second consecutive week in third place on the Sunday Times Bestseller List.

Picador’s publishing director Francesca Main said in a statement: “I’ve loved every minute of working with Adam and am thrilled we have a new book to look forward to. 100 Patients Who Changed My Life will be every bit as hilarious, eye-opening, moving, disgusting and inspiring as its predecessor, whilst allowing Adam to explore the lasting effects of his experiences in even greater depth. I can’t wait to bring more of his stories to readers and see his star continue to rise.”

© Adam Kay

We can’t wait to see the results. We’ll bring you more on the new book – and the forthcoming TV series – as soon as we can.

If you missed it recently, you can read our passionate preview of This is Going to Hurt over yonder, or just downright go and buy his book right now via the Amazonians for a meager £5!  And if you’d rather get it from a proper book shop, here’s a handy list of Adam’s future UK booksigning tour dates for good measure. Get in.

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