Holness in Angstrom

Matt Holness is set to star in Angstrom, a new BBC Radio 4 comedy spoofing Scandi-noir detective dramas.


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Angstrom has been written by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, who have previously written for Murder In Successville and Cunk on Shakespeare among others.

BBC Radio 4 has compared the show to both Charles Dickens parody Bleak Expectations and Danish crime drama The Killing and given a fictional backstory that it has been adapted from the “bestselling Angstrom Trilogy”. A sample from the books: “Snow. You never get used it. Even a snowman hates the snow. His own body. Falling from the sky. A reminder of death. Like standing in a rain of cold flesh. It will, eventually, even for the jolly snowman, bum him out.”

You can apply for tickets to see Angstrom be recorded here.


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