September Breezes with Stubbings & Co

© Karla Gowlett Photography

Rachel Stubbings hosted film night Shooting the Breeze is back this month, and with a smattering of TVO related exclusives too.

To the uninitiated, Shooting the Breeze is an hour of cinematic joy, putting beautiful short pieces up on the silver screen where they belong: and all lovingly hosted by Rachel Stubbings.

This month’s event features a brand new short from Richard Herring, plus the directorial debut of Mike Wozniak with a short starring Gemma Whelan and Undercover/Flowers star Daniel Rigby.

There’s also a new film directed by Ben Mallaby, written by Rachel Stubbings, plus a brand new animation from Toby Williams, who worked on High Rise. Plus a short from Sundance winner Jim Cummings, an old but never before seen Blaine Brothers skit, and many more… and all this for a measly £8!

Shooting the Breeze takes place at is usual haunt – Kino Bermondsey (previously known as Shortwave Cinema) at 10 Bermondsey Square, London, on Thursday, 21st September – with doors at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased over yonder

If you can’t make it to this month’s screening, you can book tickets for the 23rd November event already too – so get in! And for those who can’t make it to either, you can revisit a film previously part of a Shooting the Breeze event below, as Stubbings, Wozniak and Tom Meeten star in Ben Mallaby’s glorious One Tw*t. Enjoy…

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