First look at new W1A

With W1A returning to BBC Two on Monday, a preview clip has been released and the show’s creator has revealed that this third series could be its last.


© BBC/Jack Barnes

John Morton has said that he’s written series three of W1A “to its conclusion” because “this is probably going to be the final one”. “Spoiler alert,” he added. “There’s no plane crash, they’re all still alive at the end, but with that in mind, I thought, ‘God if this is the final one it better be good.’”

In this series, the BBC’s Royal Charter is up for renewal, giving everyone the opportunity to question everything the BBC does and ask the question whether there is any point to doing any of it anymore.

Here’s a first clip from the new series, which sees Siobhan Sharpe (Jessica Hynes) pitching the idea of BBC ME…


W1A returns to BBC Two on Monday 18th September at 9pm.

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