Ayoade Book Signing

Richard Ayoade will be at the Prince Charles Cinema on 23rd October to sign copies of his new book and introduce a screening of the film Road House.

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His new book The Grip of Film is written from the point-of-view of Gordy LaSure, a man so passionate about film that he eats film, drinks film, and sometimes will even watch a film. Most of all, Gordy loves talking to people about film: whether a comely student with low confidence and a father complex, a studio ‘development’ exec who doesn’t trust his own judgement, or the countless people he has encountered in his capacity as the web moderator on an Excessive Sweating Discussion Forum. Gordy LaSure’s always talking about films and how they’d be a shit ton better if only people would pull their asses out of their ears and listen to Gordy LaSure.

Pre-order The Grip of Film here.

Richard is going to be live on stage at the Prince Charles Cinema on Monday 23rd October signing copies of The Grip of Film, before giving an introduction to Road House.

Gordy LaSure says of the film: ”In Rowdy Herrington’s 1989 magnum opus about the secret world of security guards, the camera frames a pair of high heels pivoting out of a recently opened car door, before panning up to a HOT GIRL waking towards a club in a CLINGY DRESS. The title comes up, salmon pink: Road House. Straight off the bat we know this film has style. I’m pumped as s**t that Prince Chuck himself will be showing my fave flick in his personal cinema. The only bummer is that it’s on ratty-ass 35mm instead of pristine digital. And if you see that pin dick Richard Ayoade there, kick him in what’s left of his tiny balls for me’.”

Get your tickets for the event over here.


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