Danger Mouse New Series

Following his return to our screens in 2015, after a leave of absence, the Danger Mouse reboot is back for a second series, with Kevin Eldon as the voice of his sidekick, Penfold.

© Freemantle Media / BBC / Boulder Animation / Colin Hutton

The new series kicked off on Monday 4th September, and you can now watch all of last week’s five episodes on iPlayer. You’ll find them alongside a bunch of series 1 episodes, so if you fancy a serious Danger Mouse binge, now’s your time!

There will be 26 episodes in total, and although we haven’t been able to find out if there are any other TVO-flavoured folk guesting as voices during the series, as far as we can tell Kayvan Novak is back again for series 2, contributing to the voices of various characters. The British Comedy Guide has been helpful enough to list all 26 out here.

The next one will be broadcast on CBBC on Monday. For more info, and for Danger Mouse content, games and general shenanigans, visit the show’s web page.


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