Tony Law Back At Soho Theatre

Soho Theatre continues to build on the momentum of its cracking Autumn schedule with a series of dates from Tony Law in October.

© Tony Law

Tony will be bringing his 2017 Edinburgh show Absurdity for the Common People to Soho in central London from Monday 2nd to Saturday 7th October.

Fans of his comedy will know that pinning down his live shows to a succinct description is nigh on impossible, so please allow us to direct you to this recent review from Chortle, by way of an explanation: “Absurdity For The Common People is about his alleged former life as a pioneer of competitive trampolining in the 1970s –  the first person to do moves rather than just bounce – which he over-ambitiously attempts to tie in with his  thoughts on The Silk Road, a surreal fantasy about  studying bonobos in the Congo, and the time he drove a rubbish truck down The Mall.”

We think it sounds like the perfect evening’s entertainment. What else could you possible need?

Tickets for the Soho run start at £7 and are available here.

Don’t forget that Tony will also be performing a comedy musical on ice later in October at Ally Pally in north London. If you think we’ve just made that bit up, we haven’t. Take a look at this if you don’t believe us! The links to tickets and more info for The Battle for Icetopia can be found in the article.

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