Dan Skinner on RHLSTP

Dan Skinner is the latest guest on Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, or as the cool kids are calling it RHLSTP.


© Sky / Baby Cow Productions

Dan tells Richard all about the origins of Angelos Epithemiou, and how thanks to a suggestion from Lucy Montgomery, he sent a videotape in a bag to Bob Mortimer and ended up becoming part of Shooting Stars.

The conversation covers his work on films including Ben Wheatley’s High-RiseAlice Lowe’s Prevenge and Gareth Tunley’s The Ghoul as well as the regrettably short-lived BBC comedy The Kennedys. He also talks about sketch group Dutch Elm Conservatoire, working with Katy Brand (who is set to be the next guest on RHLSTP), being teetotal, and collaborating with Alex Lowe as Angelos and Barry who are on tour throughout the rest of the year. Plus he has a cracking story about comedy legend Ken Campbell and answers plenty of Richard’s always interesting emergency questions.

Listen to the podcast here. Or you can watch the recording on Youtube here.

Incidentally, the first episode of Richard Herring’s sketch show As It Occurs To Me is now available to watch online. It was funded by Kickstarter last year and the cast includes TVO regular Dan Tetsell. Watch it on Youtube here.



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