Bake Off: Back Soon

The new (and somewhat controversial) iteration of Great British Bake Off will be hitting our TV screens soon, courtesy of Channel 4. And as most (all?) of you will be aware, Noel Fielding is presenting the show with Sandi Toksvig. Today’s Sunday Times magazine carries an interview with the new team.

© The Times

While the article is 80% commentary and 20% dialogue, nevertheless, it paints a charming picture of the dynamic between the new Bake off team of Noel, Sandi, Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood. We learn that the format of the show hasn’t changed, Paul can’t believe how pale Noel is, Sandi has never watched the show, and that Noel “comes across as the most warm-hearted of the pack. He chatters, often at length, about how brilliant the bakers are, how impressed he is by their creations, and openly declares that he can’t help develop favourites.” Which is rather lovely.

© The Times

Sounds like the folk who have been outraged by the inclusion of a left-field comedian in the Bake Off line up will be saying “Mel and Sue who?” before the first sponge has risen.

You can read the interview in full here. Although The Times sits behind a paywall, if you’re not already a subscriber you can access a limited number of articles for free if you register your email with them.

With the release of the trailer yesterday, and the PR onslaught kicking off today, we’re guessing that the new series will be starting soon, as the jewel in Channel 4’s autumn schedule crown.

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