Hynes Directs Lowe and Phillips

Jessica Hynes is directing her first film, in which she will star alongside Alice Lowe and Sally Phillips.


© Ryan Eddleston

The Fight will be the debut film from Jessica’s Inch Worm Productions and is currently shooting in Folkestone, Kent. In addition to TVO favourites Alice Lowe and Sally Phillips, the cast also includes Noel Clarke, Shaun Parkes and Anita Dobson. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, the film’s director of photography is Ryan Eddleston, who was the cinematographer for Prevenge and Black Mountain Poets.


© Ryan Eddleston

Nothing is known about the plot of The Fight so far, but a few images have been shared on social media, including some where Jessica has a black eye. More info as and when we get it!


© Ryan Eddleston


© Ryan Eddleston


© Ryan Eddleston


© Ryan Eddleston

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