The Ghoul available to pre-order

The Ghoul – the incredible directorial debut of Gareth Tunley starring Tom Meeten and a cavalcade of TVO regulars – is now available to pre-order on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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The film, which saw limited screenings last year and earlier in 2017, is due to hit cinemas on 4th August. It tells the tale of a lonely man, Chris (Meeten), who is investigating the killing of a man who kept walking despite being repeatedly shot at point blank range. As Chris’ investigations deepen, he is led into a world where reality is not quite what it seems.

Also starring Rufus JonesAlice LoweDan SkinnerPaul Kaye, Niamh Cusack and a scene stealing turn from Geoffrey McGivern, the film is written and directed by Tunley, produced by Meeten and Jack Healy Guttmann, and features a score from Waen Shepherd and cameos by Shepherd, Rachel Stubbings and Sean Reynard for good measure.

Now you can already pre-order it on DVD and Blu-Ray, with a jam-packed set of extras including audio commentary by Tunley, Meeten & Guttman; a documentary on the making of the film featuring interviews with cast and crew; and the deliciously brilliant 2013 short The Baron (with optional audio commentary), made by Tunley & Meeten with Shepherd, Steve OramBarunka O’Shaughnessy and Stephen Evans.

First pressings will also contain a booklet featuring acclaimed author Adam Scovell’s writings on the film.

The discs are released on 4th September, the same day as Mindhorn is unleashed on DVD & Blu-Ray too. To pre-order The Ghoul – use the links below! And if you want to try before you by, you can see the film in a cinema near you from Friday, or on demand services on the same day.

© Arrow Films

Click Here to Pre-Order the Blu-Ray

© Arrow Films

Click Here to Pre-Order the DVD

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