You’re Not Alone Lands In Melbourne

Kim Noble is bringing his unique, critically acclaimed show You’re Not Alone to Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne. The run begins on 1st August and continues through to 13th August.

© Geraint Lewis

You’re Not Alone is a provocative, moving and comic production that chronicles Kim’s attempts at connection, friendship and a working life. After an existential crisis triggered by a breakup and the profound loneliness he sees in his father at the end of his life, Kim is on a quest for human connection.

© unknown

Using narration and guerrilla video, he takes the audience through a series of hilarious, and at times excruciating, social experiments: He turns up for work at a hardware store where he is not employed, wearing a handmade uniform; he blasts porn audio through his ceiling at his relentlessly shagging neighbours upstairs; he tricks men online into thinking he’s a woman to meet up with him for sex.

The Independent described You’re Not Alone as “One of the oddest, funniest, saddest hours of comedy I’ve seen,” and Time Out said of the show: “It is a genuinely moving work about love, loneliness and empathy, and even if it’s difficult to entirely feel comfortable with Noble’s methods, you have to admire his results.”

The Preview night on 1st August starts at 7pm, with other performances starting at 8pm; ticket prices range from $35 to $69. For more information and to book, head on over to the theatre website.

© Geraint Lewis

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