The Continuing Overseas Adventures of Mr Rich Fulcher

With Rich Fulcher on the other side of the Pond these days, it can seem like our favourite American isn’t up to much. But news has reached us of two new web based shows to feature the Mighty Fulchface.

© Rich Fulcher

First up, Rich has revived his on-off podcast series Gone Riffin (which first emerged back in 2011), made in collaboration with comic Abed Geith. Described by Rich in his own words as “a complete fuck around but hopefully very listenable”, the series is part of the Feral Audio Network, and there’s already six episodes for your perusal, including one featuring Fulcher’s occasional collaborator and Matt Berry ‘nemesis’ Steve Agee.

You can catch up with the show via the Feral Audio website over yonder, or subscribe via iTunes. The previous 2016 series is also available for posterity here…

© Go 90

Elsewhere, US audiences can catch him in the ongoing horror-comedy episodic Snatchers via Go 90. Sadly this is not available anywhere outside the US at present, and even those crafty proxy servers won’t work on this one, so here’s hoping the good folk behind it make it available somehow in the future, because it looks a blast…

You can catch the trailer and see what you’re missing below, or if you’re lucky enough to be in the US, you can watch it over yonder.

UK viewers, however, can still console themselves with the fact that Sexy Murder, Rich’s recent BBC Three one-off, is still available to view via iPlayer for another four months, and Comedy Central US web-series Questionable Science is available worldwide for your Fulcher Fix right here. Take that, America!

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