Simonsen with and without a net at Camden Fringe

Daniel Simonsen is to premiere two shows at the forthcoming Camden Fringe across August.

© Daniel Simonsen

Whilst much of the comedy fraternity spends the Summer in Edinburgh, a devoted bunch of top notch comics will be keeping the home fires burning in Camden for the duration. Excitingly, this also sees the long awaited return of Daniel Simonsen, perhaps best known for his role of Eric in House of Fools, but also a fascinating and utterly unique stand-up in his own right.

Simonsen, who has been working in the States and his native Norway a lot in the last few years, returns to Camden Fringe with not one, but two new shows – and in a stroke of genius, one show is scripted, while the other will be wholly improvised.

From 1st-13th August, No Net will see Daniel work without a script, with new material developed and improvised on stage. Then from 14th-27th August, Net will allow Simonsen the chance to return with an hour of fully scripted stand-up.

The former show is a meager £5 per ticket, and the latter won’t set you back much more at £8 each. But if you’re able to attend both, then you can book to see the pair for only £10. If you’re in the area, we can’t recommend doing so highly enough… get in!

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