Before Baby Driver

Edgar Wright’s latest film, Baby Driver, is out in cinemas at the moment. And although, strictly speaking, it has nothing to do with The Velvet Onion, the origins of the film certainly do!

The 2017 action crime comedy, written and directed by Wright, stars Ansel Elgort as Baby, a young, talented getaway driver who uses music as the personal soundtrack to his life. The germ of the  idea began life over two decades ago, and was first committed to celluloid by Wright in the form of a 2002 music video for Blue Song by Mint Royale.

“I sort of used my opening scene for that video,” he recently told Indiewire,“At the time, I was annoyed at myself for doing it, because I shouldn’t waste this idea on a music video…it was one of those videos that kept coming around, the actor in the video became famous afterwards, so it was one of those videos that kept reappearing throughout my career.”

Starring Noel Fielding as the music-loving getaway driver, the video for Blue Song also included Julian Barratt, Michael Smiley and Nick Frost as the bank robbers. Indeed, Wright recently tweeted a photo of a Monday morning cuppa with Noel who he described as “the original driver.”

Featuring an awesome tune, and some cracking dance moves, the music video has become something of a classic amongst Boosh fans, even giving rise to its own spin-off story (you know the one).

You can catch the critically-aclaimed latest big screen incarnation of the tale about the music-loving getaway driver in cinemas now; check your local listings for details of where and when Baby Driver is screening. In the meantime, here’s a reminder of how it all began:


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