Laura Patch is Bad Mother

No, not really (she’s lovely!), but Laura Patch is the star of new online series Bad Mother.

© Bad Mother Series

Written by Susie Gilmour, who co-created the show with director Matt Winn, Bad Mother stars Patch as the titular Bad Mother, adrift in a world where everyone else seems to be getting it right. 

Parenting has become a profession, with the bar set so high no-one can realistically expect to meet it. Bad Mother, the creators claim, could be any parent out there: “Just trying to get it right, and generally feeling crap and guilty for somehow getting it wrong.”

Produced by Jeremy Campbell and Charlie Watson, and also featuring fellow Star Stories veteran Kevin Bishop and the voice of Dolly WellsBad Mother will be premiering on YouTube on June 23rd, initially via mega-popular parenting website Mumsnet. You can view the trailer below.

To stay informed subscribe to their official YouTube channel, like their Facebook page, or follow the team on Twitter and Instagram now.

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