Impressions Panel Show Pilot

ITV is piloting a new panel show based around impressions, featuring Murder In Successville‘s Luke Kempner.


The Imitation Game is set to be hosted by Alexander Armstrong and the panellists will include Luke Kempner, Rory Bremner, Debra Stephenson and Jess Robinson. The show’s producers say that the panel will be “challenged to perform their stunning big name impersonations in a series of witty rounds and hilarious games” such as seeing what happens when Donald Trump meets Cheryl Cole or Boris Johnson sings with Adele.

Apply for tickets to see the pilot recorded on Friday 7th July here.

Luke Kempner has appeared in several episodes of Murder In Successville, playing a wide range of characters including Jeremy Kyle, Russell Brand and Arsene Wenger. Here’s a clip of him as Alan Carr in series 1:


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