Cunk On Britain

Philomena Cunk is set to return to BBC Two with her own five part series: Cunk on Britain.

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The series will once again be the brainchild of writers Charlie Brooker, Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, and feature Diane Morgan as the intrepid reporter exploring the rich, historical journey that’s led our great country to 2017’s Brexit Britain.

From the oldest era imaginable, Cunk’s insightful analysis of events and popular culture will tell the story of Britain’s battles, Medieval monarchs and the expansion of the Empire, right up through Thatcher, Britpop, the discovery of Nick Clegg and the invention of Brexit.

She’ll be asking probing questions such as: were dinosaurs the first people to discover Britain? When did Britain get officially ‘Great’? Where did Robin Hood buy his tights or was that bit just made up? The ultimate guide to our country’s past: Cunk On Britain. The rest is history.

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The series follows 2016’s incredible specials Cunk on Shakespeare and Cunk on Christmas, which themselves were spun off from Charlie Brooker’s Wipe shows. Cunk made her first appearance in the 2012 special, and has been a regular in the show’s sporadic returns ever since. A 2017 special has also been confirmed by the channel.

Philomena Cunk was reached for comment by the Beeb, apparently telling them: “In 2017, Britain stands at a fork in its crossroads, so what better way to find out where we might be heading than looking behind us, into history (which apparently is a sort of ‘rear view mirror’ for time). I’ll be travelling the length and width of the country talking to experts and standing in front of old buildings saying things into the camera, as I try to discover what made Ancient Britain the Modern Britain it is today.”

We can’t wait. Cunk on Britain will air on BBC Two later this year.

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