Small Scenes Repeats

Award-winning Radio 4 sketch series Small Scenes is currently enjoying a repeat season on the station, with TVO regulars Mike Wozniak and Cariad Lloyd amongst the cast.


The show began life as a one-off pilot in June 2012, featuring the then relative newcomer Wozniak alongside Undercover‘s Daniel Rigby, stand-up and writer Henry Paker, and W1A‘s Sara Pascoe. The same team returned for the first series in October 2013, before being joined by Cariad Lloyd for the second series in October 2014.

The third then, has been a long time coming, and in the meantime both Mike and Cariad began frequently collaborating with our long-standing regulars, and were welcomed into our Oniony layers. It’s warm in there. Green. Slightly pungent, but oh so inviting.

The show returned for a third run in March 2016, with Pascoe replaced by Jessica Ransom, who you may recognise from roles in Horrible HistoriesZapped or Doc Martin. Paker, Rigby, Lloyd and Wozniak are all back on board. And as we were ‘offline’ undergoing a massive revamp at the time, we didn’t get to shout out loud about it, so we’ll take the opportunity to do so now!

The first episode (which is repeated three times this week), features more overblown, melodramatic scenes from modern life, such as a woman who uncovers the conspiracy behind cryptic crosswords, a saxophonist who is tortured by his inability to play the solo from Baker Street and what happens if you buy Chris de Burgh’s old house.

Early risers can hear the first episode again on Radio 4 Extra at 7:30am; on their way home from work at 5:30pm on Tuesday 23rd May; or relaxing on the sofa with a cuppa at 10:00pm. Alternatively they can catch it on iPlayer until Thursday 15th June. Episodes are being aired sporadically from past runs, so keep an eye on the Radio 4 mini-site for the series over yonder to find out when.

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