Lou Sanders on a moment that changed her

Lou Sanders has written a column for The Guardian exploring her dangerous early exploits with alcohol.

© Lou Sanders

The column explores the comedian’s battles for sobriety from the age of 16, which continued through to her late 20s, and the dawning realisation that, as she puts it: “I had so much shame and guilt that I drank to forget it. Which is a bit like saying you crave exercise so much that you cut off your legs.”

We don’t like to dwell on personal lives here at The Velvet Onion. We love our regulars both as talented artists, and as great human beings, and we’re lucky enough to get to know a large number of them on a personal level ourselves. But as far as the pages of this website are concerned, it’s all about the work – unless they want to mention it.


So as this column technically crosses those lines, and is also a rare opportunity to find out about the Lou Sanders you don’t see being brilliantly funny all the time, we thought it was worth bringing to your attention. Especially because while Lou’s story is a heartbreaking one, it is sadly not an unusual one.

Millions of people are struggling with their addictions, and their inner demons. If you’re out there reading this, and feel that you are one of them, please do tell those you love, and get the help and support you need. Charities like Drink Aware and Mind are always there too, if you would rather talk to someone you don’t know. But whatever happens, do not give up, do not give in. Sanders story is a testament to the fact that anyone can fall down and be capable of getting back up again, and we’re sure that’s a sentiment many of our regulars, our readers, and indeed our team here know only too well.

You can read Lou’s piece over yonder now. Please do.

Oh, and Lou… we love ya.

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