Late Night Gimp Fight return to Edinburgh Fringe

The award-winning sketch quintet Late Night Gimp Fight will be making their return to the Edinburgh Fringe with their first new show in four years this summer.

© Idil Sukan / Draw HQ

Deciding who to cover on The Velvet Onion is usually pretty clear-cut: you’re either a member of the interconnected family of creative types we cover, or you’re not. But we do make a few notable exceptions from time to time for folk who, though not often directly working with our regulars, are cut from the same cloth and have frequently shared a bill, if not a set of end credits.

Such is the case of Late Night Gimp Fight – regulars on the alternative comedy live circuit around the turn of the decade, it was a chance encounter on the same bill as our beloved Rich Fulcher that left the whole TVO crew of the time stunned by how much they made us chuckle, giggle, and outright guffaw, and as it transpired they were a nice bunch of blokes who kept making hilarious live shows, we’ve proudly supported them ever since.

© Late Night Gimp Fight

The team’s other lives have seen them take a bit of a backseat in recent years, though four fifths of the crew were involved in last year’s Impractical Jokers for Channel Five, and the team’s Justin Bieber parody Trump Yourself went viral last year. Now at last, they’re back in Edinburgh with a brand new show.

Self describing themselves as “the washed-up boy band of sketch comedy”, they’ve decided to abandon their wives, jobs and in one case their child, to jump back in the gimpy saddle. Strap yourselves in for a blistering hour of mind-blowing nonsense, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday throughout the Fringe.

Tickets for their shows are on sale now via the Edinburgh Fringe website. Get in and get gimpy. If you’re still not sure, you can check out a classic set of sketches from their 2011 So Comedy preview tape below.

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