Noel Fielding to play Alice Cooper

Noel Fielding is set to play rock legend Alice Cooper in an upcoming episode of Urban Myths on Sky Arts.

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The episode will also star David Suchet as Salvador Dalí, and fellow TVO regular Paul Kaye as Cooper’s then manager Shep Gordon. TVO has seen a sneaky peek, and the results are pretty uncanny!

David Suchet told Radio Times: “Dalí is one of the most extreme characters I’ve ever played – a really odd person with a great talent and unbelievable technique. It’s a true story about Dalí trying to make an Alice Cooper hologram over three days in the Regis Hotel, New York. The results are about as crazy as you’d imagine.”

The premise of Urban Myths is that each episode tells a remarkable story about a well-known person which may or may not have actually happened. The comedy series (produced by our friends at Happy Tramp) began with five episodes earlier this year, with stories about figures including Bob Dylan, Andre the Giant and Adolf Hitler.


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Dali and Cooper were real life friends and collaborators, with the former making a holographic artwork of the latter’s brain in 1972. Cooper, of course, has worked with Noel Fielding on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and Noel is a huge fan of the legendary musician. Alice is touring the UK in the Autumn, and we’d love to know what he makes of this one!

No word yet on the transmission date for the Alice Cooper/Salvador Dalí episode, so we’ll let you know when we do! For more info on the Urban Myths series, see this past peeling

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