Katy and Sally get Strange

Katy Brand and Sally Phillips have joined the cast of cult sci-fi comedy audio series Strangeness in Space.

© Strangeness in Space

For the uninitiated, the crowd-funded show is the brainchild of 80s/90s children’s TV legends Trevor & Simon, who write and star in the series as two idiots claiming to be Tilbury’s No 1 synth-pop duo Pink Custard; stuck in Space, orbiting the Planet Mirth.

They’re joined by the manager of a NASA Space Centre gift shop, played by former Doctor Who star (and fellow 80s telly legend) Sophie Aldred, and a computer robot called L.E.M.O.N. (also voiced by Doctor Who allumni in the shape of Barnaby Edwards) onboard the ship. Also along for the ride are David Annen as Jeremy, Sarah Madigan as M.A.D.I. and TVO’s very own Doon Mackichan as Bounty Flightingale.

© Strangeness in Space

Doon’s connection with Trevor & Simon goes way back: with the Strangeness in Space website indicated they first shared a bill together back in 1983. Similarly, Aldred’s connection with the audio goes back even further – as they were all drama students at Manchester University together in the early 1980s!

Despite the crowdfunding element of the Clare Eden production (which you can support over yonder) providing all manner of great items for fans to own and experiences for them to savour, every episode is released completely free to the internet at large. Whenever the crowd-funding target is reached, the team make another episode… deliciously simple!

© Strangeness in Space

Previous guest stars in the series have included Carol Cleveland, Alexei Sayle and Rufus Hound, and Trevor Neal has revealed on Twitter that Brand and Phillips will be in the next episode. To hear it first, and to hear previous episodes, go and play around on the Strangeness in Space website, and keep checking back for more info soon…

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  1. Ace still my favourite of all the companions.


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