Steve Oram In New Horror Film

Following the critical success of Aaaaaaaah!, Steve Oram continues to flex his horror movie muscles as one of the leads in the new Irish horror A Dark Song.

The film, the feature directorial debut from Liam Gavin, focuses on two characters: a strange occultist, Joseph (Steve), and a grieving, determined young woman, Sophia (Catherine Walker). The story follows the course of a single black magic ritual that takes place over the course of six months as the pair risk their lives and souls to perform a dangerous ritual that will grant them what they want.

Steve has spoken to horror magazine Scream about his involvement in the film. In the interview he says of his decision to take on the role of Joseph, a character based loosely on occultist, Aleister Crowley: “I just loved the ambiguity of it and also how my character is somewhere between a genius and a complete bullshitter. The two-hander nature of it was also really appealing and it gave me a chance to go into great depths with the character. Also, of course, working with Catherine was a big thing. She’s a bit of a legend so I couldn’t have been more pleased about that.”

He also mentions his new film project, Dregs – a follow up to Aaaaaaaah!: “It’s a subversive period drama/comedy about two very rebellious housemates in a country house. It’s a bit like Downton Abbey gone wrong.” As yet there’s no news about who will be involved in Dregs, but based on Steve’s previous form, we’re hoping for a few TVO-connected faces! To read the Scream interview in full, head on over here.

Reviews of A Dark Song have been very positive (it scored an impressive 94% on Rotten Tomatoes), with its tonal ambiguity and the two lead performances being cited as particularly worthy of praise.

The film has been shown at various film festivals around the world; indeed, here’s Steve introducing it at Monsterfest 2016 in Australia:

A Dark Song was released in the UK and Ireland earlier this month – it may still be showing at some cinemas, so check your local listings. If you live Stateside, it will be released on 28th April, so there’s plenty of opportunity for you to see it in the weeks to come.

Take a look at a couple of spooky trailers below:

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